Executive Board


President:  Judy Rozelle

First Vice-President: Pat Snider

    Assistant: Rosemary Cureton and Gayle Brown

Co-Second Vice-Presidents:  Ellen Powell and Ellen Martin

Recording Secretary:  Janet Holliday

    Assistant: Rosemary Cureton

Corresponding Secretary:  Wilma Hare

    Assistant: Anne Huckabee

Treasurer:  Barbara Gulley
         Operating, Instruments, and Grants Accounts

 Assistant Treasurer:  Debra Lusk

        Scholarships and Savings Accounts

Historian/Librarian:  Mary Ellen Lanford

Immediate Past President:  Dianne WIliamson

Federation Secretary:  Tamah Jones

        Assistant: Beverly Henderson

Parliamentarian:  Ruth Morrow

Past Presidents Assembly Charter #011:  Dianne Williamson